Services Offered

Services Offered

I had no idea when I entered the Spiritualist Church in Glasgow in the summer of 1995 that my life’s journey would take a wild turn. My old friend Bill invited me because he knew I was grieving for my lost partner. Though reluctant, I agreed to attend, but sat at the very back of the church. To my astonishment, the medium came to me with information which only my late partner would know. I later learned that this was “evidence” or “validation” of the existence of life after death. But at the time, the experience just left me astonished, questioning, and needing to further pursue this phenomenon called mediumship.

At the time I was living in the Jura region of France, where it was difficult to attend Spiritualist churches or find mediums. So, each time I returned to the UK, I would book a private sitting with a medium. They all gave me very specific information that comforted me. But the most startling piece of information I eventually received was that I too could work as a medium. As a child, I had sensed and heard things. My intuition was always strong, but my gift was not supported or understood, so it lay dormant for years and I tended to ignore my inner wisdom. As an adult, it was a leap of faith for me to believe what the mediums said and begin to explore my potential—to see if I really could work with the Spirit world.

I began my journey when I heard about Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England, and enrolled for the beginner’s course in Mediumship. That week forever changed my way of looking at life and death. I found that I could receive messages from those who had crossed over and give those messages to people I had never met. My appetite was whetted, and I signed up for every AFC course I could.

I practiced the class exercises and learned to trust what I was sensing. My tutors were amazing and each one gave me further insight about communication with the Spirit World. In addition, the discipline of mind I learned through meditation was astounding. Sitting in the Power, a method of meditation where one deeply connects with Spirit, helped me get clearer messages and to further understand this exciting process. With encouragement from my tutors, I took my Award in Demonstrating and Private Sittings.

But that is not the end of my journey. Rather, it is the beginning, as I now reach out to others in need of comfort and validation that their loved ones are alive and well on the Other Side. I’ve come full circle.