Jim Hyndman Medium


Jim Hyndman provides professional mediumship services at public demonstrations and, by appointment, for private clients. He received his Certification from SNU (Spiritualists National Union) in demonstrating and private sittings.

Jim is also a fully qualified teacher of French, Italian, and Russian in the UK, and of English in France, at both secondary and at university levels. He currently works part-time with a major airline as cabin crew.

Public demonstrations are meant to provide proof that the spirit lives on after bodily death. At a public demonstration not everyone is guaranteed a message. The description of the person may be detailed, but messages are sometimes short and somewhat impersonal, respecting your privacy in a public venue. However, facts are often provided that would be known only to the recipient. The events are usually entertaining and uplifting.

In a private consultation, also called a sitting, clients usually wish to make contact with family or friends who have crossed over to the Other Side. Unlike public demonstrations, these private sittings allow Jim time for discovery of in-depth, personal information, or the answers to your questions. During such a sitting, expect to receive evidence and validation that Jim is indeed in communication with your loved one. Though this can be quite emotional, it is also profoundly healing and joyful to know that your loved ones are well on the Other Side.

Jim also provides private sittings for clients who wish to talk about Spiritualism in general, or require a spiritual assessment or other life guidance. If this is the aim for your session, please request this specifically when you set your appointment.

If you are not able to attend in person, we can set up a telephone reading. It is important you be in a quiet place so that you can listen and appreciate your message without interruptions.

Private readings may be a half hour or an hour.

Jim is well-trained and highly qualified as a medium. However, clients should be aware that communications with the Spirit realm can never be guaranteed as they are controlled by the Spirit world.